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Panorama 314 charcoal is made from hardwood found in abundance in Namibia. Panorama 314 carefully sources their hardwoods to ensure that it is of the finest quality and creates a longer lasting, hotter burning charcoal. Panorama 314 charcoal uses the earth/ mountain burning method and is 100% natural without any additives or chemicals, so you can be sure it is safe and healthy to use. Panorama 314 charcoal is perfect for a variety of uses, including barbecues, grilling, smoking, and more.

Resturant charcoal


Panorama 314 Restaurant Charcoal will be provided as per customer specifications.
Standard Size: 50mm+

Packaging: 5kg -50kg

Barbeque charcoal


Panorama 314 BBQ Charcoal will be provided as per customer specifications.

Standard Size: 24mm - 50mm

Packaging: 5kg -50kg

Stick Charcoal


Panorama 314 Stick Charcoal will be provided as per customer specifications. 
Standard Size: Custom

Packaging: 5kg -50kg

hardwood charcoal


Panorama 314 Charcoal Fines will be provided as per customer specifications.

Standard Size: 5mm - 24mm

Packaging: 5kg -50kg

Get to know us


  • To be the leading provider of premium charcoal products in Africa, specifically in Namibia while maintaining our values and exceeding your expectations.


  • Commitment to quality: Ensuring that every charcoal product meets the highest standards.

  • Sustainability: Practicing environmentally friendly methods such as the earth/ mountain burning method and responsible sourcing of hardwood.

  • Customer satisfaction: Exceeding customer expectations and enhancing their cooking and dining experiences.


  • To deliver high-quality and sustainable charcoal products that exceed customer expectations.

  • To utilize traditional and eco-friendly methods in charcoal production such as, earth/ mountain burning method, minimizing environmental impact.

  • To promote responsible forestry and preserve the natural resources of the region by harvesting only trees grown in abundance on Panoramas land and following the laws set forth by the Namibian agricultural policy.


  • Utilizing the earth/ mountain burning technique to produce exceptional charcoal that lasts longer produces less smoke and is eco-friendly.

  • Carefully selecting hardwood types.

  • Implementing rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process such as sifting each load, batch testing and taking care when packing each bag to make sure it meets our clients’ expectations.

Our story

PANORAMA 314: In the breath-taking land of Africa Namibia, nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes, lays Farm Panorama 314. The name Panorama 314 was inspired by the mesmerizing panoramic view gained by standing on the mountain that encapsulates this glorious land, capturing the hearts of all who beheld it.

Panoramic view

Panorama 314 has a burning ambition to share the natural wonders of their land with the world and a vision to become the leading provider of charcoal worldwide.

Guided by a deep-rooted connection to their land a profound respect for nature and compassion for their struggling community.

The production process at Panorama 314 is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. While they honor age-old techniques like the mountain and earth burning methods, they also embraced modern advancements to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

The creation of Panorama 314 has been a success providing a living for many families in return they take great care of the land and its wildlife.

The family behind Panorama 314 understands that their success is deeply intertwined with the well-being of their community and environment. Panorama 314 takes great care to source their hardwoods responsibly, promoting the preservation of the natural balance of the land. Panorama 314 is committed to eco-friendly practices which extend to every aspect of Panorama 314, ensuring that Panorama 314 charcoal products are 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals or additives.


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