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  • Do you provide custom orders such as other sizes or other hardwood types?
    Yes, we do, if you provide the size required, we will pack them to your requirements. On request we can provide other African hardwood types such as sickle bush and camel thorn.
  • What sizes do you have available?
    BBQ 24mm to 50mm, Restaurant Grade 50mm and up, Sticks there is no standard size as these are packed by client request Fines 5mm to 24mm Each Charcoal category can also be packed as per clients requirements.
  • Can we use this charcoal in beauty products?
    No, Activated charcoal that is used in everyday cosmetics is made using a much higher temperature.
  • What are the advantages of using charcoal?
    Charcoal offers several advantages, including high heat output, low smoke production, and versatility. It burns hotter and longer than other fuels, making it ideal for grilling and cooking. It also imparts a unique smoky flavor to food.
  • Can BBQ Charcoal be used as biochar?
    No, because it won't provide the long-term carbon sequestration properties associated with biochar.
  • How is charcoal produced?
    Charcoal is produced through a process called carbonization. Wood or other organic materials are heated in a controlled environment with limited oxygen. This removes moisture and volatile compounds, leaving behind carbon-rich charcoal. Panorama uses the mountain burning technique.
  • What makes Panoramas burning method different from other kilns?
    The Mountain/Earth burning method used at Panorama, compared to other charcoal kiln methods, showcases notable differences in terms of being natural, eco-friendly, and produces high-quality results.
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